Can Immersion Blender Replace Hand Mixer – Best Guide 2023

Would you like to make Whipped cream or banana pudding recipe? To make these recipes you need a quality hand mixer.  Now, Can immersion blender replace hand mixer? If you have, an immersion blender can be the perfect alternative to a hand mixer. While it’s true that a hand mixer has many advantages over an immersion blender. Moreover, it’s worth noting that they actually do have some things in common. 

In this content, I’m going to share with you my in-depth research between a hand mixer and an immersion blender. So, without wasting a second, let’s get started.

Is An Immersion Blender the Same as a Hand Blender?


An immersion blender is a specialized blender that is placed in a pot of water and used to blend food. The product has the same availability as a standard blender, yet you will get pretty good results instead of regular blender. 

For whom? Immersion blenders are for people who want convenience, ease of use and quality results.

Are there any significant differences with regular ones? Actually No! Immersion blenders are the same as hand blenders. Moreover, Immersion blenders are more efficient than regular blenders.

Comparison Between “Blender” & “Hand Mixer”

Mixer and a blender are both useful tools for many cooking purposes.  However, they are made for different purposes.  There are several similarities and dissimilarities.  Let’s discuss the key differences and similarities between both of them:


Although mixers and blenders are two different things, there are some similarities between them.  The similarities are discussed below:

  1. Hand mixers and blenders both can be usually handheld. 
  2. They both have a shaft and a motor attached, which create the vortex. 
  3. Both are used to mix ingredients together. But, the blender has more power.
  4. A blender and mixer can be used for smaller tasks like blending smoothies, chop vegetables or making nut milk. 
  5. Hand mixers are designed specifically for mixing small amounts of food

Now, Let’s know about the difference between the mixer and blender to analyze the immersion blender replace hand mixer :

Features Blender Hand Mixer
PurposeThe blender makes larger batches of food and can be used for more than just mixing up a few ingredients.A hand mixer is used to make the dough, batters, and other small amounts of food. 
PowerThey are 2X times more powerful than a simple or better hand mixer.Hand mixers are not as powerful as blenders.
Motor TypeThey have large motors comparatively a mixer. That’s you can get a little bit of a noisy sound during blending.Hand mixers have smaller motors than blenders. So they don’t create as much heat when being used. 
Their main workBlenders are generally used for preparing smoothies and soups.Hand mixers are designed specifically for mixing small amounts of food.

Are Immersion Blenders Worth It?

In the past, immersion blenders were only meant for making soups and sauces. But now, they are also used to make some delicious smoothies and ice cream.

Why is an immersion blender good for you? Immersion blenders are good to mix ingredients quickly and easily. It means you’ll never have to waste time waiting for a machine to do the job for you.

Are they really affordable options? They may not be the cheapest option out there. But, they’re definitely worth it when compared with other options. Such as: stand mixers or electric hand mixers.

Can you get a good experience while washing it? Yes. The best part about this product is that it’s dishwasher safe. So, if you’re feeling lazy about washing up after cooking dinner, just throw it in the dishwasher.

These three points indicate that it can be a good option for a regular or irregular cook, housewife and bachelors. Now, I can say that it can be a “Worth Option”. You can even use it without a scratch.

Main Purpose of Immersion Blender

Everything has its own purpose. Nothing is purposeless. An immersion blender is not different. Let’s know about the exact purpose of this blender:

#1 Blending: An immersion blender is a tool that has been designed to blend various foods. Such as soups, sauces, and drinks with ease. It is also used to make baby food, smoothies and purees.

#2 Multipurpose: Usually immersion blenders are best for multipurpose cooking.  It can be the-

  • The best option for making different types of recipes.
  • Bringing innovation to food tastes.  

Also, it can show excellent performance as opposed to hand mixers.

#3 To get a great smoothie experience: If you love to drink juice, it’s important to have a smoothie flavor.  Smooth matters in this case.  Immersion blenders perform very well in this case.

#4 Instead of a food processor: It’s ideal for making smoothies and shakes. Because it can blend ingredients like nuts quickly without using a stand mixer or food processor.

Don’t have money to own a food processor? You can do several tasks with this blender(Only Blending). It can perfectly compete with the food processor. 

Can Immersion Blenders Replace Food Processors?

The answer depends on what you want. If you want to reduce your kitchen clutter, then an immersion blender is probably going to be a better bet. 

But, when is an immersion blender not a good option? 

If you’re looking for-

  • Versatility 
  • The ability to do more than just puree vegetables

Then a food processor might be more your speed than an immersion blender. Makes sense, right?

In general, food processors are better at-


Food processors are not as good at pureeing things. 

For example, if you wanted to make a creamy soup or sauce that contained both regular and whole milk. It would be impossible for an immersion blender to handle.

So, what’s the reason?

  • It does not have blades with enough power or torque.
  • To break down the fat globules found in dairy products like milk or yogurt. 

The problem that You May Face:

The only way around this problem would be if you had multiple blenders.

But even then, there’s still a difference between the two options:

  1. Immersion blender: While an immersion blender is designed specifically for making small batches. Such as: soups and sauces. 
  2. Food processor: A food processor can also tackle a wider variety of tasks including chopping meats and

What Should You Not Use an Immersion Blender for?

What Should You Not Use an Immersion Blender for

When you use an immersion blender, all the food items are not blended properly. Such as: frozen foods and ice items should not blend in this type of blender.

Don’t use an immersion blender for ice cubes, or any other food item. It doesn’t need to be choppy or blended. You’ll end up with a mess.

BUT WHY? Actually, the blades of this blender are mainly made to blend soft vegetables or any soft food.  No wood cutter blade was used in it.

So, where to use it? You can use this blender for blending vegetables, soups, fruits, and milk. It is a great way to make quick and healthy smoothies.

Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs)

Can an Immersion Blender Crush Ice?

In case of ice crushing, an immersion blender won’t be effective. The reason is that the blades are not sharp enough to slice through ice. Therefore, an immersion blender cannot be used for crushing ice or ice cubes. The blades are too small and the motor is too weak to manage a task like this.

Can you Chop Onions With an Immersion Blender?

Yes! It’s possible to chop onions with an immersion blender. The best way to do this is to first peel the onion and then cut it in half, lengthwise. Then cut each half into quarters, again lengthwise. After that, all you need to do is put the onion in your immersion blender bowl and add water. Now, Start blending.

Are Immersion Blenders Good for Milkshakes?

Yes, immersion blenders are great for making milkshakes. They’re also great for making soups, sauces, and other foods with a lot of liquid in them. It is also perfect to make delicious juices.

How Long Can You Run an Immersion Blender?

You can run an immersion blender for about two minutes. During this time, the powerful motor allows you to blend your ingredients within 2 mins. The motor also makes it easy to blend in small batches. So you don’t have to worry about over-blending your ingredients.

Final Verdict.

If you have two options on your hand either a hand mixer or an immersion blender. Then, we would highly recommend the blender. You can complete all the tasks like cake making with a blender but not with a hand mixer. 

Immersion blenders have come a long way in the last few years. They’ve become more powerful, more efficient, and easier to use than a hand mixer. 

So, the decision is yours. It depends on your personal preference on immersion blender replace hand mixer or not. If you have any more questions, simply leave a comment below the post. Thank You. 

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